Beer Soap Bars, 3 Full Size Bars, Handmade in the USA, Vegan Beer Soap, Lime Patchouli


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About the product
  • Completely hand made in the USA.
  • Made with natural Ingredients scented only with pure essential oils.
  • Each bar weighs more than 4 oz.
  • Lime and Patchouli scents mixed smell like a favorite soft drink named after the mountains.
  • Vegan, and palm free soap. Made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Product description

Rich lime patchouli beer soap makes a great gift for men! This soap is special because the beer gives the soap loads of big, fluffy bubbles. It is made with natural ingredients, scented only with pure essential oils. Lime is crisp and clean, and the patchouli is an earthy counterbalance. Ingredients: Coconut oil, rice bran oil, organic sunflower oil, water, sodium hydroxide, beer, shea butter, castor oil, lime oil, patchouli oil. Each bar weighs more than 4 oz. Package contains 3 bars.

Additional information

Weight 4 .
Dimensions 3.5 x 3 x 3 in