Dog Anxiety Relief Natural Oil, a Gentle Touch When Most Needed. Ideal for Thunder Storms, Separation Anxiety, When Travel, Even Before Sleeping and Relaxing by Dog Fashion Spa


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  • A SPA TREATMENT FOR YOUR DOG WHEN MOST NEEDED: A Must have for Uneasy and Anxious Dogs. Specially formulated to Calm your Beloved Pet During Heavy Rain, Storms and Thunderstorms as well as other Stressful Situations like Fireworks. Help them Relaxed During Car or Plane Traveling, or during those Hard Moments of Separation Anxiety. For those Dogs that Become Anxious when Grooming
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Bergamot oils, Tangerine Peels, Lavender Flowers, Ginger Roots, Rose Geranium, Marjoram Leaves and Ylang Flowers. The Perfect Combination to Aid your Canine During Stressful Moments
  • EASY APPLICATION: A Roll-On Presentation for easy Application. Just Roll it on your Fingertips, and Gently Massage your Dog’s ears Closer to Blood Vessels
  • AROMATHERAPY AT ITS BEST: Pure Essential Calming Oil Ingredients blends perfectly to deliver Aromatherapy for your Dog, Capturing the Essence of Quality Life for Dogs. And it is perfect for Human Use Too.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Our Essential Calming Oil has been developed, formulated and manufactured in the United States, keeping only the highest standards and complying with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Click ‘Add to Cart’ & order the best, Essential Calming Oil for Pets.